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I’m disturbed

Why does Ambiance for Android need so many permissions?

I just installed Ambiance on my Android phone. It requires an upsetting amount of permissions and capabilities of the phone. I can understand why it needs an Internet connection, and to modify SD card contents, but it also has read AND write permissions on personal information, the ability to take pictures with the camera, and to read the phone state and identity.

I almost didn't install the application based on the number of permissions it was asking for. It's certainly bad practice to ask for this much. Could this list of permissions be minimised to those that are actually /needed/ by the application?
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    You are able to take photos to customize the background that you like to use on a sound. We need to monitor the phone to be able to stop and start the sound automatically when you receive a call. When there is an error in the app, some of your device details are sent with the error report so that if you contact us for help, we can find the error that happened on your device and give you the proper assistance. We have email sharing options in the app that use the contacts.

    I undertand your concern and with the recent press about malevolent apps, but I can assure you that we are not one of those companies. The only one that sounds odd is the writing to contacts, and this might have been mistakenly added. We will check it out.
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