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I often listen to ambience sounds together with some calm and peaceful internet radio channels. Having well done mood-specific iTunes music for every mood occasion takes a lot of money, effort and time to compile. Internet radios provide any mood you can think of and they're either free or inexpensive to license.
I'm suggesting a feature to the mix: The chance to insert an online radio stream url.
Having an online radio channel browser as in a list of available channels (like Shoutcast, iTunes radio etc), is too much to ask because radio is not the main point of Ambiance. But maybe just a field to paste a stream url of choice to wouldn't be an insane amount of sidework?
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    Both the Mac and iOS allow third party audio to play on top of it, so you can simply open Pandora or iTunes Radio and start playing what you want, then play Ambiance on top of it.
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    On the desktop app, sure it's possible to open music from any separate source and app like one would normally do.
    On iOS though, I was having trouble with it because one or the other would always pause to allow the other one to play. The iPod player over the soundscape also shows some strange inconsistencies, although I'm not sure, iTunes songs in the cloud might be partially unsupported, making it so unstable. iPad music player can play iTunes songs straight from the cloud just fine though.
    Why I mention this as a feature suggestion is because the point is in the option to add a music source *into a mix* so it could get saved as a part of a user made mix.
    The advanced timer/alarm mode is amazing and its multiphasic features pretty much answered my sleep+alarm needs: Static type noise mix for the night regardless of when I went to bed, it's audible until certain time, then it slowly fades out and a natural morning soundscape starts fading in. When the natural soundscape reaches its maximum volume at the time when I'd really want to wake up at the latest, that's when I'd want to assign the alarm routine to get to a final phase which is currently impossible to make: Playing a mix that's based on the natural soundscape with the addition of a chosen music layer among it.
    There are a few typical alarm sounds in the app I know, and I tried using them, they are better than the alarm sounds that come natively with the iOS, for example.
    But the right kind of music is a lot more likely to get you up from bed than a nagging alert sound which you'll easily dismiss with "this is not an emergency". Evolutionarily speaking, after all, music evolved to exist as a language that talks to and regulates the emotions of a human being. Music whose progression communicates "feel wonderful, feel energetic, feel inspired" is hard to resist, which makes it so effective pick-me-up.
    Ideas, ideas.
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