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Android App - Crashes, Browse Function Doesn't work, other problems..

Hello! I've been a huge fan of the Ambiance App on my iphone, but I've moved to an Android phone. I was super glad to see the Ambiance app is available on the Android platform, but was shocked to see how incredibly ugly and bug-ridden the app is. I could barely get it to work properly without crashing. Here are the issues I'm currently having:

-App does not scale to fit the screen of my Motorola Atrix; It looks like the port of the iphone app's lower res screen?

-App refuses to go back to the player screen no matter how many times I ask it to. I can click on the player button in the upper right or use the menu screen's player button, neither will send it back to the player screen.

-Browse function just shows blank blue background, doesn't populate.

-Search function buggy; I can search, but the app won't allow me to click the results I find. If I open and close the android keyboard a few times it sometimes will allow me to.

-Sounds either will not keep playing after the entire file has been played or there is a 1-2 second gap between the file repeating. Kind of defeats the purpose of white noise when it stops playing. :( z

-Crashes; The app crashes quite often doing just about anything.

I REALLY love this app and was so happy to see it available for Android, and I'm BEGGING you to please make the app functional! I miss all of the wonderful sounds that you can find in this great app!
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