Allow Windows Phone users to give Urban Apps their money.

Hello, good people!

A few years ago my brother had an iPhone 3G which he had cancelled service for. I ended up using it as an iPod Touch for about a year and a half and Ambiance was one of my favorite apps on it.

Soon after Windows Phones were available I got one. I absolutely love it and I don't see myself ever going back to iOS or Android except for providing technical support for friends or family. That said, I would love to have Ambiance on my phone.

Would you please make Ambiance for Windows Phone? I'd be more than happy to recommend you, once you're in the Marketplace.

As of right now, you don't have any real competition on Windows Phone. You could be the first one to really succeed on the platform in your genre.

Please think about it.

Right now, your support looks like this:
Apple Desktop: Supported
Apple Phone: Supported

Linux Desktop: Supported
Linux Phone: Supported

Windows Desktop Supported
Windows Phone: ...Hey!

Here's the link for developer resources:
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