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All Ambiance Sounds Available for Download to Your Computer on Ambiance Sound Store

Each Ambiance Exclusive Sound that is inside the app is now also available for download as a seamless looping, stand-alone mp3 file that you can use in any audio player of your choice. Simply put the track on repeat-1 and enjoy!
  • Dear Matt,

    I have Ambience on my Mac (purchased directly from your site, not the Mac store) and have loved it for a long time; I was sad to see that the IOs app has been discontinued.

    I would like to access the sound files on my Mac to make a backup, and make sure I don't lose these ones too – Could you please let me know the path to access them?
    Since it is not the Mac App store version, the path you provided in the other message (~/Library/Containers/com.urbanapps.ambiance.desktop) does not exist.

    Many thanks for your help,
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